Chikan no Licence ep. 1

Metro in Japan is a nightmare - a lot of lines and stations. Among them is the gap between Akabane and Akihabara. There are always a lot of young girls here - a real paradise for perverts. And one day Mitsuhashi Homura became a victim of one of them. But the security functioned clearly ... it would seem ... This guy showed the card. Yes, the same one, the myths about which were passed from one pervert to another: the legendary "License for molestation." From this moment nothing restrained his desire - the schoolgirls were uncomplaining victims. Other passengers saw what was happening, but tried not to notice. Khomura realized that all attempts to resist would lead to nothing, and therefore she decided to get the most out of pleasure.

Tags: series: chikan no licence, Studio: MS-Pictures, studio: studio 1st, studio: milky, ahegao, yuri, group sex, oral sex, anal sex, toys, big tits, chikan

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