Soukan Yuugi 2 / Sexual Pursuit 2 ep. 1

My name is Makoto. My father is always busy at work. I do not remember my mother, because she died when I was still a child. Now I live with my older sister. One day, my new mother and younger sister join us. Of course I'm happy. I passionately masturbate every day, like never before. But I get into an accident and I'm put in a hospital where my old friend works as a nurse. And another friend of mine is also here. And now I will be friends with all of them, using the game that gave me a strange trader

Tags: series: soukan yuugi, studio: vanilla, studio: digital works, studio: y.o.u.c., straight, incest, titsjob, oral sex, big tits, virgin, yuri, housewives, mystic

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