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The UPN v0.2 (demo)

2 April 21

This game is fresh and enhanced model of interactive adventrues of Crania - that the goddes of Departure... and sensual enjoyments! This mysterious bombshell will soon be needing kinky funtime with allies and other fantasy animals to be able to maintain them under her manage and also to make a few additional coins . Why would she want any currency whatsoever you migth inquire? To unlock fresh implements as well as other joy things ofcourse - this really is a game and there has to be a battle for the participant also! However, before you may embark playing do not leave behind to look at the customization section and also place a number of the prognosis parameters for primary leading lady to create her much alluring on your opnion as you can so thatyou would love what that can occur with Crania next much more! Have joy!

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