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Meet and Pound - Ocean Cruise

7 May 21

Your name is Nick Sanders and you are studying at Springfield College. Your father gave him a camera that you would make a career as a professional photographer. From the summer holidays, you will get a job that will earn some cash for purchasing a new camera. You sent your portfolio to a lot of fascinating magazines. Suddenly, you get an invitation from the director of one of the magazines to create a professional photo shoot. Having passed the dialogue, I am sending you to a round-the-world railing on a liner. Your duty is to take photos of those damsels for the magazine. But besides that, you can start an intimate relationship with them and take a few porno shots for yourself. Find damsels who are willing with this, tempting them and fucking in all sexual poses. And then see what superb porno pictures have turned out.

Fuck Quest

27 May 21

You work for the magazine for adults as a photographer, but as you discover during the game, you will have to accomplish more to allow each issue to be published, not just taking stunning photos of hot chicks. First, you'll need to to locate the girls and to do that, you'll need to go around the town by yourself! Even if you do discover a model that is attractive enough and willing to take a picture for you, it is still necessary to pay them, and for that, you must be on the lookout for every chance to earn some extra cash while you explore. Take on quests and participate in mini-games to give yourself more opportunities to make the next issueof the magazineeven superior to the one before it!

Erotic Magazine

14 May 22

In this interactive experience you will be playing as a professional photographer who has to turn from a simple worker into a saviour of a when prominent magazine. That's right - the slaes of the magazine get lower as well as lower so you will have to discover the method to restore it's popularity as well as for that you will have to try few different choices. Which one of them will work? That's what you are supposed to figure out!

Meet and plow ocean cruise fucky-fucky journey

5 June 18

A youthfull photographer named Nick is sent on an ocean cruise by the editorial staff of the magazine. His task is to locate new faces and photograph beautiful women. So on the first-ever day Nick walks around the deck and meets youthfull bitches. They look damn attractive and Nick invites women to his cabin to have an adult picture session. Some women need gifts and Nick makes them. After all, after the photograph session, you will have a chance to climb up the women' skirts to fuck them in taut vags. Use the correct dialogue options and you will be able to meet many women on the ship, so that you can then have anal lovemaking with them. Are you ready to perform it? Then let's not waste time, however, start the game at this time.

Meet'N'Fuck: Ocean Cruise

7 April 21

This time"Meet and Fuck" game seris will give you an opportunity to sense yourself as a newcomer phtotgrapoher Nick Sanders! Why would you even want to be him? Well, this fellow was lucky enough to get a unique contract from Playdude erotic magazine according to which he will want to go on an ocean cruise with twelve (!) Sexy models and get photos of them all to annual calendar! The only problem here is that these models are also novices therefore Nick (and you as a player) will have to find the way to make them them think in a proper direction first-ever... in other words - you will have to seduce them to produce the job done! Will you be able to handle so many gals at precisely the exact same time? Will you be able to take all of their pictures before the time of cruise trip will run out? Play the game to learn!

Picture Perfect

4 March 23

Because of the cruel and tangled fate, you are destined to be living with three womenwho happen to be sisters. As a photographer, you've learned to appreciate the beauty of female body forms and you cannot go through a day without thinking about a sexy fling! Therefore, from now on your primary and most important task is to get a fuck on all of them, while trying to not fuck everything up!

Chara CardMaster

24 May 23

In this sex game, players are charged with taking photos of Charas, the game's primary characters. Players can make money by taking photos of Charas in different places, such as beaches, parks, city streets, as well as more. The money made can be utilized to buy upgrades to the camera, such as higher resolution, quicker shutter speed, as well as more. It can likewise be utilized to buy products as well as power-ups to assist the player development in the game. With each new upgrade, players can take much better photos of Charas, assisting them to make more money as well as development further. Furthermore, players can likewise use their money to buy clothing as well as accessories for their characters, assisting them to make their photos more unique as well as stylish.