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Rumi Imagined

18 July 22

Well. The game involves one girl, Rumi who you be required to please and kiss. Rumi will provide you with tasks to complete. In return, the girl will blow you a kiss. Your job is to be nice to Rumi for as long as you can. If you don't follow her demands, she'll be upset and shout at you. If you are an unobedient man, then you can kiss the girl in her tight tummy and spank her thigh. Let's get serious.

Rope Restrain bondage Rebirth

16 June 18

Kasumi - brave ninja princess - will end up yoru plaything tody. The story is not telling about how she got into situation like this and what will happen next is actually up to you to decide. One thing is certain - if you like manga porn games with bdsm elements then you are going to enjoy your time with Kasumi! Explore the game screen and find different act points. Pull the chain to spread her legs, grab and squeeze her really big tits, check what color her undies are... and this is only the very first scene! On the left side you will find a guide window that will demonstrate you what actions are available for one or the other area that you will be pointing your mouse cursor on. Moreover, you can see some options in the left bottom corner - here you can switch Kasumi's apparel or turn her around if you prefer to act from .