Bust to Bust - Is immediately ep. 1

The guy came to a classmate, and saw that she was an otaku, obsessed with a yaoi manga, and she herself was drawing. The girl was embarrassed, but it turned out that the guy also likes to see the anime and the manga to read (current, on-the-go, not yoyoynuyu), and they began to communicate. The guy, considering her drawing, drew attention to the fact that she did not quite correctly depict the male genitalia, and jokingly suggested that she look at his instrument. The girl did not understand the joke, took everything seriously, and caught fire.

Tags: series: bust to bust, Studio: MS-Pictures, studio: max, studio: animan, series: chotto kurai kusatteru no ga oishiin desu yo?, grope, striptease, students, straight, oral, comedy, large breasts

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