Hime Dorei: Mesu e to Ochiteyuku Futago no Oujo ep. 1

The Kingdom of Luvence in the northern part of the continent seized complete control over the region. The king has two beautiful daughters - twins, Tita and Liese, but he decides to make the successor of the throne only Tita. When Liese heard this, she became so distraught that she began to hate her sister fiercely. And so, one day, a man named Waldo comes to the kingdom. He is a magician. 15 years ago his country was destroyed by the Luvence army, and he set himself the goal of toasting. Waldo and Liese accidentally meet. A man who plans to take revenge on the kingdom and a girl who hates Tita ... Now their revenge will begin ...

Tags: series: hime dorei, studio: milky, studio: ms pictures, fantasy, group

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