Toriko no Chigiri ep. 2

Sisters Yakumo Rio and Miyu lost their parents as a child. They were raised by their grandfather, the head of one of the yakuza clans. He tried to protect the girls from the influence of their environment, educating them honest and noble ladies. The girls became very friendly with the nurse Omigawa Keka, who lives next door, and decided that in the future they would also help people. But everything collapsed in one moment. Their grandfather became seriously ill, and another clan started the war for the territory. Events began to acquire an extremely unpleasant turn when one of the leaders of the hostile Inami clan came to the girls. He offered Rio a deal - she would become his woman, and the clan would leave the claim on the territory and kill no one. Rio was in shock, but agreed to consider his proposal. Collecting all the courage, she decided to answer with consent for the sake of saving the people who became her family. But she could not imagine what humiliation she was going to have to endure day after day. Is this enough to make it all go well?

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